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You’ll find plenty of services at East Chemist, and we’re always adding more. We do more than just fill your prescriptions—we are your partners in health and even a valuable source of information. Our Pharmacy provides a wide range of services to keep patients on the road to well-being.



Immunisations.  Keeping you healthy!

East Chemist is able to provide a wide range of immunisations. Whether you are looking for Hepatitis B vaccination due to your work, or if you are just looking for MMR, Chickenpox, Influenza (Flu), Meningitis B & shingles vaccination for your general health we'll be happy to help.  Give us a call now or pop in.

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We’ll Take Care of all your travel needs

We offer a full range of travel vaccinations at competitive prices. Travel vaccinations available include Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio, Rabies, Meningitis ACWY, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick-Bourne Encephalitis & Cholera. Call now for a free no obligation travel vaccination consultation.  After the consultation you are free to decide to go ahead and get the vaccinations or to come back at a later date.



Look no further for your travel related medication

Not all pharmacies provide this service, and that’s one more reason why East Chemist is like no other Pharmacy. Our team of skilled pharmacists and are dedicated to making your experience in obtaining travel related medication easy and pleasant. Whether you are looking for Anti Malarial tablets, Period delay tablets, Altitude sickness tablets or medication for travellers diarrhoea, please give us a call or stop by, and we’ll be happy to help.

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